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One of the most exciting PS5 features, along with the console's near-instant loading times, is its ability to support ray tracing. For those who are unfamiliar, ray tracing is a complicated rendering technique that produces more realistic lighting effects by imitating light in a natural environment. It can be quite taxing even on powerful PCs, but on the PS5 ray tracing is enabled for a number of different titles already, some of which are the best PS5 games you can play.

Most games that feature quality and performance modes only support ray tracing in their quality modes (these will sometimes be referred to as a favor graphics mode, resolution mode, or quality mode). If you choose a mode that favors performance (sometimes referred to as its frame rate mode), you usually won't be getting ray tracing. There are exceptions to this rule, like Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition, which offers ray tracing capabilities in both its graphics and performance modes. In this case you may see discrepancies with how ray tracing is implemented and how well, but it still renders for both.

List of PS5 games with ray tracing

Game PS5 ray tracing Resolution Frame rate w/ ray tracing
Astro's Playroom Yes 4K 60 FPS
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Yes Dynamic 4K 60 FPS
Control Ultimate Edition Yes 1440p 30 FPS
Deathloop Yes 4K 30 FPS
Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition Yes (Performance and Graphics) 1080p (Performance) 4K (Graphics) 60 FPS (Performance and Graphics)
DIRT 5 Yes Dynamic 4K 60 FPS
DOOM Eternal Yes Dynamic 1800p 60 FPS
Forspoken* Yes - -
Ghostrunner Yes 4K 60 FPS
Gran Turismo 7* Yes 4K 60 FPS
Maneater Yes 4K 60 FPS
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Yes Dynamic 4K 30 FPS
Metro Exodus Yes 60 FPS
NBA 2K21 Yes 4K 60 FPS
Observer: System Redux Yes
Pragmata* Yes
Quantum Error* Yes
Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart Yes Dynamic 4K 60 FPS
Resident Evil Village Yes Dynamic 4K
Ride 4 Yes Dynamic 4K 60 FPS
Spider-Man: Miles Morales Yes 4K 60 FPS
Spider-Man Remastered Yes Dynamic 4K 60 FPS
Stray* Yes
Watch Dogs: Legion Yes 4K 30 FPS

*Unreleased games/updates that the developers have confirmed will support PS5 ray tracing. Anticipated resolution and frame rates may change at launch.

Ray tracing can be used for a wide variety of features, including more accurate lighting and realistic reflections on glass and metal and in pools of liquid.

We've also compiled a list of every PS5 game that supports DualSense haptic feedback and adaptive triggers along with a list of PS5 games that support 120 FPS. If you've yet to test out what the DualSense can truly do, I highly recommend checking out Astro's Playroom, which comes packed in with every PS5 console. It's a masterful showcase of the incredible engineering Sony pulled off.

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